Final Year

Unbelievably I have started final year. It’s been good so far and looks like this:

Medicine In Practice 3              6 weeks
Obs & Gynae                              4 weeks
Paediatrics                                  4 weeks
Medicine                                     8 weeks
Student Selected Unit               4 weeks
Psychiatry                                   4 weeks
Surgery                                        7 weeks
General Practice                        2 weeks


Currently on Medicine which is 5 weeks of Elderly Care, and a week of cardio and a week of AMU which will be an assistantship – basically traipsing round after an F1 and trying to do their job

Paediatrics was interesting, can’t say I am a huge fan to be honest. I love kids, but not while they’re screaming or totally uninterested in their consultation and instead are asking their mum to take selfies with them while the doctor desperately asks questions. It’s a good placement though and I got to spend time on the Paeds Assessment Unit, in surgery, in the neonatal unit and in clinics.

Obs and gynae was amazing. Delivered lots of babies and saw lots of very cool surgeries. It’s a really really interesting speciality and I have arranged to do 4 more weeks of it to see if I could do it for a career. The hours look a little terrifying though. But it’s a good mix of medicine and surgery, highly specialised at times but also more general when it comes to the mothers.

MIP 3 was okay. As 4th year was a research project year I was a bit rusty so we got to spend time in general practice, surgery and in medicine to remind us what patients were.

Final year has changed structure in Southampton but these placements will be in there somewhere I am sure!

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