Starting my first clinical year.

I am due to start my first clinical placement on the 8th of September after a 1 week induction course. I am not going to lie – I am scared! I am going to make a note of my main concerns and hopefully in a few weeks/months/a year will be able to come back and reflect on whether or not my fears were well placed or not!

My 3rd year placements (also called rotations) are:

6 weeks in psychiatry
5 weeks in paediatrics
1 week in general practice
11 weeks in medicine
8 weeks in surgery
4 weeks in obstetrics and gynaecology


Currently I am worried that I am pretty sure I can’t remember anything from the last 2 years of studying. I am also worried that I am going to be terrible at taking blood.

I currently don’t understand what to revise for intermediates and if it is literally everything then I don’t understand that even remotely.

My first placement is psych and that seems intense. Everyone has horror stories and that alarms me a little bit but I am suuuuure it will be fine….

I don’t know if I am going to have a clue what to do on the wards or with my time in general…. The whole thing seems alien and unknown. We shall see!

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