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Update on Southampton Selection Process for Medicine BM4 BM5 & BM6

Things are changing at Southampton! Here is a quick rundown of the latest info I have:

No real changes. Entry grades are BBC with interviews decided on personal statement. Graded on interview and personal statement and offers given to the highest scorers. Interview will also have a group task.

5A*-C grades at GCSE,

Big big changes. GCSEs 7A*-B grades, and A levels now required AAA. In addition, applicants will be ranked by their UKCAT. Those scoring the highest in the UKCAT will be invited to interview. The selection day will be a group interview and individual interview.

Still 2:1 in any subject, C grade now required in Chemistry A level though if your degree contains a lot this can be waived. All applicants will be ranked by their UKCAT. Those scoring the highest in the UKCAT will be invited to interview. The selection day will consists of a written component, group interview and individual interview.

Offers and Southampton Interviews

Congratulations to everyone with their offers to study BM5/6 (and 4 of course). I met quite a few of you during the offer holders open days (with the BM6 one tomorrow). The university had a record number of applications this year so absolutely well done.

It would seem that the university is introducing interviews as of this year so you dodged that bullet well.

Lots of people ask me what they should study before starting and how to get ahead. I felt like that too. But to be honest, just enjoy it. Enjoy your summer and do nothing. You’ll miss that when you start.


The Application: Choosing a medical school…

Looking into medical schools is complicated! Do you go by entry grades? Then highest or lowest? PBL, SBL? Prosection or dissection? Intergrated? Intercalated?? It’s a bit of a head mush. So far I’ve discovered the following:

PBLProblem based learning – Focuses on independent study, and looks at  medical scenarios and all the medicine around it.

SBLSystems based learning – Focuses on body systems – cardiac system, digestion system etc.


Dissection – Actual exploration of a cadaver
Prosection – Anatomical parts provided without full dissection


Integrated – There is experience in hospitals and with patients from the start of the course unlike some courses where it is purely lectures until your final years

Intercalated – After year 3 you can take a year out to do the final year of another (science related) degree to get an additional degree.

So, my choices in order are:

Brighton & Sussex Medical School – Integrated, dissection, SBL, Intercalculated

Southampton – Integrated, prosection, SBL, Intercalated

St. George’s  – Integrated, dissection, SBL, Intercalculated

Penninsula – Integrated, prosection, PBL, Intercalculated

(Integration is very important to me and I like the idea of dissection. I want to be able to have the chance to intercalate, and I would prefer SBL but TBL works too!)