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BM6: Year End Results:

Semester I:

HSF Exam:                                                A (AA)    (Averaged from 2 papers)
HSF Coursework:                                       B (BB)     (Averaged from 2 essays)
PP Exam:                                                  A
PP Coursework:                                         A

Semester II:

HSF Exam:                                                A (AA)    (Averaged from 2 papers)
HSF Coursework:                                      A (BA)     (Averaged from 2 essays)
PP Exam:                                                  A
PP Coursework:                                         B

A bit annoyed about the second PP coursework B as I was only a percent off and I knew I should have had more practical and less theory but oh well!!

Really really pleased and ready to go on and kick BM5 butt!

BM6: Semester I Results

Exam results are up and somehow, quite astonishingly, I have an A in professional practice and an A in human structure and function. This teamed up with the A in my portfolio and the overall B for my essays gives me AAAB for the first semester. They say aim for A’s and B’s so this is good!

We get a meeting with our tutors to go over the exam papers which I am not really looking forward to as I know there were some questions which I answered in a ridiculous way, but it can’t be too bad considering I did well! Hopefully I will pick up more info on exam technique and get a better understanding of how this works.

BM6: HSF Paper I

Really odd. You can sit wherever you like, there is no silence on entering, we were just chatting. Some is written in the exam paper and some in a workbook, and you have to lick and stick part of it to cover your name e.t.c. for anonymity. I think it went ok but am picking up on more and more that I did wrong.

It was in 2 parts, multiple choice and short notes. The short notes is basically bulleted notes on the questions asked. It was really straight forward you just needed to know the material! If you didn’t know it, it was very hard to blag (you can only chat rubbish about nucleotide uses for so long before you run out of stuff to say…).