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Southampton Uni UKCAT

So I helped out at the open day the other week. I met a proportion of the 25000 people or something that visited. Lost my voice completely but found out interesting things about the UKCAT!

– BM6 requires the UKCAT to be taken but they DO NOT USE IT!
– BM5 requires the UKCAT and they discount those with scores that are below 2500 (when added together). This will be going up.

I don’t think “they”, you know, the scientists, know if it is effective in determining who is going to be a good doctor but oh well.

Here is a link to a list of hints that I found useful when doing the UKCAT!

Southampton Uni Open Day

So a quick shout out to those I met at the open day. The hundreds of you that I spoke to for hours and hours. Oh and did I mention the hours? But seriously, I was the one in the yellow shirt (ha) with the misbehaving fringe. It was lovely to meet you all and have a little chat and I look forward to seeing you in the future when you join our fabulous establishment! ūüėÄ

Any further questions you have or forgot to ask or want to know, feel free to pester. I do so love getting emails!

BM6: Timetable and subjects

A lot of people have been asking me the basic layout of the BM6 timetable so I thought I’d give you a general overview. There are 2 basic subjects in the BM6 year. Human Structure and Function (HSF) and Professional Practice (PP). HSF is biology and PP is more about the NHS and healthcare, sociology, ethics etc.

The basic timetable is as follows:

9 Р1:  HSF

2 -4: PP



Alternates between a morning of PP and a morning of placement. Afternoons are free time!


9 – 1: HSF

2 Р4 (or 5):  PP (usually statistics).

This is basic, and sometimes Mondays or Fridays have timetabled things but rarely. This was just my experience and may have changed but oh well!

BM6: Year End Results:

Semester I:

HSF Exam:                                                A (AA)    (Averaged from 2 papers)
HSF Coursework:                                       B (BB)     (Averaged from 2 essays)
PP Exam:                                                  A
PP Coursework:                                         A

Semester II:

HSF Exam:                                                A (AA)    (Averaged from 2 papers)
HSF Coursework:                                      A (BA)     (Averaged from 2 essays)
PP Exam:                                                  A
PP Coursework:                                         B

A bit annoyed about the second PP coursework B as I was only a percent off and I knew I should have had more practical and less theory but oh well!!

Really really pleased and ready to go on and kick BM5 butt!

BM6: Semester I Results

Exam results are up and somehow, quite astonishingly, I have an A in professional practice and an A in human structure and function. This teamed up with the A in my portfolio and the overall B for my essays gives me AAAB for the first semester. They say aim for A’s and B’s so this is good!

We get a meeting with our tutors to go over the exam papers which I am not really looking forward to as I know there were some questions which I answered in a ridiculous way, but it can’t be too bad considering I did well! Hopefully I will pick up more info on exam technique and get a better understanding of how this works.

BM6: HSF Paper I

Really odd. You can sit wherever you like, there is no silence on entering, we were just chatting. Some is written in the exam paper and some in a workbook, and you have to lick and stick part of it to cover your name e.t.c. for anonymity. I think it went ok but am picking up on more and more that I did wrong.

It was in 2 parts, multiple choice and short notes. The short notes is basically bulleted notes on the questions asked. It was really straight forward you just needed to know the material! If you didn’t know it, it was very hard to blag (you can only chat rubbish about nucleotide uses for so long before you run out of stuff to say…).

BM6: Exam prep

Human struc/funct revision is awful. I am so worried that I am going to fail marginally or something that I am struggling to do the revision in the first place. They keep repeating that if it is in the powerpoint presentations then it is fair game so I am just going through and learning those. Writing it all out onto cue cards with questions on the front and answers on the back. It seems to be a good way to do it as I seem to know a good chunk of the cards, but I am still worried.

Not going to revise PP until the Tues/Weds we get before the exam after HSF is out the way.

BM6: What to expect

The first week of BM6 was really exciting. I thought I’d give a brief outline of what to expect for those who are interested!

We started with a huge group lecture will all the new medicine students (BM4, 5 and 6) . We were introduced to our lecturers and given safety talks etc. All the old BM6ers cheered when BM6 was menti0ned, especially when the courses main lecturer Carolyn Blundell stood up to speak!

We had our first health appointments with Occupational Health and started any jabs we hadn’t had, and we started to get to know each other with a terrifying name game. Luckily I sat next to David who was next to Carolyn so I had a lovely easy job of only remembering 2 names.

We had a lot of introductory sessions, so introducing the range of topics and different lectures we’d have, and had a few sessions to get acquainted with the library (although the¬†compulsory¬†IT tasks made everyone want to die they were so dull).

Things I’d like to have known for sure when starting were:

  • A stethoscope is not necessary yet and will only be used once or twice a year
  • The pace of lectures is FAST. Very FAST. Get used to it quickly.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for things or help or clarification.
  • Use the map. Although it may not be cool to be seen using a map, try to at least memorise the route and leave early. It’s even less awesome to be late on your first day and get eyeballs from Carolyn.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Get to know your bus timetable. The U6H (Uni -> Hospital) and U6C (Hospital -> Uni) only go half hourly. If you miss one it’s a long wait or a long walk and you don’t want to miss the bun fight!
  • If you don’t want to go out drinking with everyone. Don’t. Although it’s nice to do so, if you don’t think it’s a good idea just don’t go, don’t feel pressurised. You won’t enjoy it and you can be smug the next day when everyone else is late, smelly and hung over.
  • Homework is not like college. If you don’t do it, you’ll be behind or look like an idiot when asked a question about it.

Just enjoy the year. I miss Bm6 already and I’ve not even started BM5!

The Application: Clarification…

So the word on the street (haha I am so with it) is that your interview and personal statement get graded. The top scorers (or those who get nearly 100%) are offered early, and the rest follow after. If this is true then I must have done very well at interview etc so am feeling quite pleased with myself!

The Application: Great News!

So I got the terrifying email saying my UCAS track status has been updated… and I did it! I have been updated to Conditional Offer! So excited now! The offer was 3 C’s in Law, Bio and Chem which I already have! Phoned college and cancelled June resits for Law and am preparing my certificates to send proof I meet the offer.

It seems that there have only been around 10 or so offers so far which is odd but I guess the rest will come out soon!

Have checked track a million times in case I was wrong, but it seems, pending proof and health tests, I am accepted onto BM6!