Well my March results weren’t too bad so only have a few resits to do in June but this is not my reason for writing.

I realised that my blood donation sessions are worth more than a fuzzy good feeling and a cup of tea. It’s another way of getting to know another side of medicine and chat with the care staff. Just gave my 5th donation and got chatting to a doctor about how it is used and stored etc. It’s an amazing process. They don’t just use whole blood, but split it up into components – red blood cells, platelets, plasma (to reverse the effects of anticoagulants like warfarin) and white blood cells and they can use each bit separately to help different people. The bag is rocked back and forth  and mixed with an anticoagulant to prevent it spoiling.

It’s a great feeling to know that you can be helping so many people by giving such a small gesture. 5th donation also means I get my new swipe card and this one is in blue! Awesome.

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