Semester III

Semester three was (for me) gastrointestinal and nervous and locomotor 2 though this will be semester 4 for anyone starting now.

GI was good! Lots of poo talk but lovely big structures with clear anatomy and well known physiology. It is a straight forward no nonsense topic and I really enjoyed it!

Neuro – yes, it was hard. Yes, I thought I might just fall down dead during revision, but in retrospect it isn’t as hard as people make out. There is a lot of abstract content (and a lot of content in general) but I got really caught up in thinking the anatomy was going to be impossible…. and it really (REALLY) wasn’t. Yes it is a little more abstract but it is far from impossible. In comparison to GI anatomy is harder but physiology is more interesting. I loved learning the way things work and realise why a lot of interesting quirks happen and why symptoms occur. Alternating hemiplegia was particularly interesting.


Results came out Friday and after all the hell that was revision I actually did better in Semester 3 than I did in Semester 2 which I thought was easier! I think as you progress it does get harder, but I think that we get better at doing it.

Onto semester 4! My last lecture based year. Eeep!

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