Medical School: Don’t be disheartened.

I’ve heard so many tales, including my own, of people being told by their colleges (or people on The Student Room) that they’re not cut out for medicine. To not even bother trying. This is absolute rubbish.

This is a message to all those who want to do medicine and have been told they can’t:

If you really want to do it, there is nothing that can stop you. If your GCSE’s are not 50 A*’s, you may not be able to take the most direct entry into the mostĀ prestigious university, but there will be a way. Whether it’s graduate entry, or a foundation year, or working your backside off at A level and gettingĀ those results that the unis are looking for, there is a way. Don’t be told that you’re not good enough. Don’t be told that you’re from the wrong background, or not right as you’ve never captained a polo club or been part of the schools rowing team. It is rubbish.

Some of the best doctors come from non-standard backgrounds, with life experience and a good work ethic.

Don’t let them tell you no. I decided in 2006 that I wanted to do medicine and my night college and then my full time college in 2007 told me not to bother. I was already 18 and just starting a full set of AS levels, didn’t have straight A’s at GCSE, my parents were not doctors, I didn’t live at home and I had not been striving for it my whole life. But being stubborn I decided to ignore them and plough onwards. Now, 5 years later, I’ve got a bunch of A levels, I’ve done my foundation year, I’ve started BM5.

I sent a polite email from my uni account to all the doubters when I started…

Nailed it!

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